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web design

All of our web site designs are tailored to your specific brand. With your website being your online face to the world, open 24 hours 365 days a year, we make sure to do our homework and deliver a design that will give you confidence knowing you are putting your best foot forward to your potential online customers.

With a winning combination of appealing design and user friendly features, we customize your design to focus on your company’s best assets and steer visitors to take a desired action. You’re included each step of the way to ensure a unique yet accurate portrayal of your business.

custom web site design
web site development and custom programming

web development

Whether you are looking to set up your own online store, blog, website with a built in cms or a simple static site with your contact info, we’re here with the tools for the job and the know how to get it done with clean html, css, javascript, php and jquery.

We’ll build you a website worthy of your business, with clean coding and well placed features, your website will stand out and not be easily forgotten.

Hosting/support plans

Website hosting is always free with one of our discounted support plans. We make it easy for you by offering ongoing support at some of the fairest prices in the industry.

This ensures your website will never be left unattended with outdated information or graphics and you always have someone on call to take care of the technical stuff while you do what you do best, manage your growing business.


  • 15 min support time per month
  • 3GB Disk Space
  • 30GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Subdomains


  • 1 hr support time per month
  • 5GB Disk Space
  • 40GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited subdomains
custom logo design

Logo design

Your logo is a major part of your brand and needs to evoke the right feeling at first glance. There are many things we take into account before designing your logo: what kind of company will it represent? Corporate, creative, fun, elegant, etc…?

These questions are asked before we put pencil to paper and certainly before pen to tablet. Then come more decisions, what font to use to convey the right feeling, which color or no color, what type of illustration, if any. Once again you are consulted with at every step of the design process to be sure your logo ends up being something that you’ll want to show off.

original illustration

We love creating original illustrations when the project calls for it. Our illustrations are done with your brand in mind, first on paper then recreated digitally.

The magic is in the details and these illustrations help to both further build your brand identity and communicate the feeling of your brand to your customers.

custom illustration
custom logo design

Branding colors

Have you noticed that every big brand has one, two or three colors or color variants that are included in every piece of marketing material from print to the web and other media? That’s because your brand needs to be recognized not only by its logo and name but also in style and color.

We have an eye for your branding colors and put together a custom color palette that we include in all of your marketing material to create that seamless experience that makes your brand recognizable through all sorts of media.

business cards

We design custom business cards to have a visually appealing, timeless design. A solid marketing piece to leave with your new contacts. A well designed business card leaves a good impression, a sense of trust in your brand, and is always memorable.

We take care of the entire process from the first design draft to the final print.

custom stationary design


While sending emails has replaced letter writing in our modern age sometimes that’s what makes the occasional letter or card that much more personal.

From envelopes to letterheads and sturdy greeting cards, we see that your brand is communicated seamlessly throughout your personal stationary.

marketing material

We enjoy thinking of creative ways to spread the word about your business. Through brochures, t-shirts, stickers and other mediums you’ll be able to get your brand recognized. Brand recognition creates a certain amount of trust with your company.

People feel comfortable with a brand they're familiar with and seen before. We'll tie your brand identity into your marketing ventures to lend it that consistency that inspires immediate trust.

marketing material
keyword research for seo

keyword research

Keyword research builds the foundation for your seo campaign. Using Google’s keyword tool we find out what search terms people are using when searching for your services online.

Getting listed for hundreds of keywords is useless if your visitors aren’t using them, we do our due diligence to maximize your potential online visitors by finding the keywords that will drive traffic to your site.

website analysis

As a prelude to any seo campaign we always conduct a site analysis to correct any outdated coding, broken links, url structure, pinpoint crawlability issues etc. We also take time for strategic keyword placement, fill in appropriate meta tags, optimize images and video, and much more.

A site analysis is required before the start of any seo campaign to make sure all of our ducks are in a row and you’re getting the most out of your monthly campaign.

website analysis
search engine optimization campaign

seo campaign

An effective seo campaign is thorough, methodical and yields results. We understand the getting you ranked for prized keywords is going to take time and is achieved through a delicate balance of onsite and offsite seo, among other things.

We meet with you to establish a custom strategy for your website, but the communication doesn’t end there, we keep you updated on our efforts and send you regular progress reports so you’re never in the dark about what’s going on behind the scenes and are able to see how you rank, your monthly visitor count, and monthly progress comparisons.